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  • Liner Agents:

    Red Sea Shipping Agency has cultivated a long-standing partnership with principals, representing international shipping lines calling the port of Aqaba. This is due to its dynamic marketing team who serves as a link between principals and local traders, generating regular bookings of cargo, reverse canvassing and promotion not only of inbound and outbound shipping services, but also of domestic exports.

    The company is equipped to handle all types of cargo containers, conventional, RO-RO, liquid bulk and reefer. Over the years, we have built a track record of customer care and reliability, ensuring quick turnaround of vessels, prompt delivery and timely release of cargo to our customers.

    In addition to its representation of P&O Nedlloyd Line in Jordan, Red Sea Shipping Agency is also a general agent for Lauritzen Reefers, a Danish line that provides a reefer service in bulk.


    Epic Sailing Schedule August 2003 - Sept 2003

    Vessel Name Contship Champion Contship Innovator Cma Cgm Capella P&O Nedlloyd Damietta Cma Cgm Constellation
    PONL Voyage Number MPI3031 CNV3032 LLA3033 DMT3034 LLT3035
    TILBURY 03/08/03 07/08/03 13/08/03 20/08/03 27/08/03
    HAMBURG 01/08/03 10/08/03 15/08/03 22/08/03 29/08/03
    ANTWERP 04/08/03 10/08/03 17/08/03 24/08/03 31/08/03
    MARSAXLOKK 10/08/03 16/08/03 23/08/03 30/08/03 06/09/03
    PORT SAID 13/08/03 20/08/03 27/08/03 02/09/03 10/09/03
    AQABA 14/08/03 21/08/03 28/08/03 04/09/03 11/09/03
    JEBEL ALI 22/08/03 29/08/03 05/09/03 12/09/03 19/09/03
    MUHAMMAD BIN QASI 25/08/03 01/09/03 08/09/03 15/09/03 21/09/03
    NHAVA SHEVA (JNP) 29/08/03 05/09/03 12/09/03 19/09/03 25/09/03


    Vessel Name Cma Cgm Chardin Contship Champion Contship Innovator Cma Cgm Capella  
    PONL Voyage Number GMH3036 MPI3038 CNV3039 LLA3040  
    TILBURY 03/09/03 17/09/03 24/09/03 01/10/03  
    HAMBURG 05/09/03 19/09/03 26/09/03 03/10/03  
    ANTWERP 07/09/03 21/09/03 28/09/03 05/10/03  
    MARSAXLOKK 13/09/03 27/09/03 04/10/03 11/10/03  
    PORT SAID 17/09/03 01/10/03 08/10/03 15/10/03  
    AQABA 18/09/03 02/10/03 09/10/03 16/10/03
    JEBEL ALI 26/09/03 10/10/03 17/10/03 24/10/03  
    MUHAMMAD BIN QASI 28/09/03 13/10/03 20/10/03 27/10/03  
    NHAVA SHEVA (JNP) 02/10/03 17/10/03 24/10/03 31/10/03  

    Sailings are subject to change, diviation or cancelation with or without any prior notice.


    Cargo Claims Handling and P&I Correspondents

    It doesn’t matter when the call comes through, when an urgent situation arises, Red Sea Shipping Agency's well-trained staff responds swiftly to serve leading P&I Clubs around the world. Our P&I correspondents work around the clock to attend to and assist P&I Clubs and their members in resolving claims submitted by agents, cargo receivers, insurance companies, port authorities and other parties.
    At Red Sea Shipping Agency, our customers always come first. When claims for liner or tramp vessel cargoes are submitted, our Claims Department works in close cooperation with principals and P&I Club correspondents to safeguard their interests.


    Classification Society Representatives

    Red Sea Shipping Agency's marine engineers are ready to roll up their sleeves and go to work when ships dock at Aqaba to ensure all vessels meet international specifications for safety. One of the agencies that we represent is Bureau Veritas, the infamous French classification society.

    Owners’ Protecting Agents

    Punctuality means everything in the business. Ship owners with chartered vessels can rest easy at home with Red Sea Shipping Agency taking care of business at Aqaba Port. Our strong presence in the market enables us to protect the interests of ship owners and facilitate the smooth passage of vessels.


    If your shipment of wheat must be sampled, weighed or inspected for quality, Red Sea Shipping Agency’s survey team in Aqaba is equipped to conduct cargo damage survey at its laboratory for agricultural imports, oils and other commodities. Our surveyors also perform quality, draft and quantity surveys, as well as on-hire and off-hire bunker surveys.